Monday, 21 November 2011

Part of my life as the Engineer of UBC

     Salam and Hi to all fellow readers,greeting from me casting from Vancouver and it has been so long for me to be here .Right now,I am facing a new season of the year..that is Winter love the snow and it has been so fascinating to see the snow coming down from the sky by my own eyes.Subhanallah...a beautiful work of Allah.Actually,I love to be here as it has been so different from being in Malaysia.I have learnt to independent and be more matured ...I have developed my communication skill due to the situation where I need to speak in English like to order for my lunch and everyday my lunch would be the 6 inch Tuna on HoneyOat bread at Subway stall and even the cashiers have recognized my name and called me wonderful to be here.Everyday,before I place an order on the food,one of the staffs will shout "Tuna's guys are here!!"..referring to me and other two  friends..hahaha...

   I will answer..."As usual,6 inch Tuna on HoneyOat..and Toasted!!"Then...I will ask  lettuces only and three sauces that are Barbeque,Honey Mustard and Mayonnis...then I will pay the food by using my BMO debit card...the good thing is when you have completed the payment ,the cashier will say.."Have a nice day"..and I reply"thank you"....that is part of my life as the Engineer of UBC...right now,I am in Case Study Four in which I learn about material engineering.Previously,we learnt about engineering ethics,chemical engineering,mining engineering where they fascinated me a lot to engineering and gave me a lot of understanding about engineering from different branches.For APSC 160,we learnt about digital and how to programme DAQ module and design a simple counter...For Physics's class professor will put a demo in the class to give us better understanding towards the material and I could see physics from the my real life point of view.


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