Friday, 1 January 2016

Process Engineer at RENESAS

Every morning I need to retract the bin 6 and bin 8 CDA analysis result from the the system and payout all the good products to the confirmation area. I need to record and report all the holdback lots and arrange all the analysis either having the manual test or performing X-Ray or bunkai removing the microchip package so that we can observe the pellet and wire. Then I need to record all the test time index for all four SOWA machine for test program improvement. The shorther the time index, it would be great for the production. All the CDA analysis needed to be key-in into the data sheet so that we can observe and monitor the overall CDA analysis for the whole month. This result would be presented in the Department of Integrated Circuit quality forum. 

At 9.00 in the morning, me and my boss would chair the meeting, checking all the holdback materials, TVI rejection trend, CDA results, machine shutdown trend and all the action items for that day. Then, I would print out all the meeting minutes and sent the email to all members and the bosses including the senior director of RSK. After 10.00 am breakfast, I would start my action item for that day as discussed in the previous meeting either arranging the Critical Defect Analysis, monitoring the machine and checking the test programs. I even need to check my email if there is any new instruction from my boss or the managers.

I would normally stay in the line up till 5.31 pm but however my plan for this year is to go back at 6.30 pm as I would be reading books for an hour to enrich my intellectual capacity