Monday, 5 January 2015

Spring 2015

1)      MTRL 475 - Microstructure Engineering (MILITZER, MATTHIAS)
-          Follows the production of metallurgical products, focusing on process design models used to describe solidification, recrystallization, and precipitation.
-          Comment:
This course is very interesting but you have Militzer who is very strict while marking the exams. If you have another instructor, you can still consider you clique who can discuss with you regarding the assignment and Modelling Project
-          Modelling Project: Attend all lectures, print lecture notes, write notes during lecture, ask question, GO TO OFFICE HOURS

2)      MTRL 456 – Environmental Degradation of Materials
-          Fundamental aspects of environmental degradation of metals (corrosion), ceramics, and polymers, with an emphasis on aqueous environments.
-          Comment: This course is really interesting if you gonna work in the oil and gas industry, print the lecture notes, write the notes during lecture, ask question, make sure you score 90% on all assignments and 80% in the midterms and GO TO OFFICE HOURS.

3)      MTRL 478 - Electronic Materials (XIA, GUANGRUI)
-          Materials and physics aspects of semiconductor, optical and magnetic devices: energy bandstructure, crystal structure, crystal defects and impurity effects, relationship of material characteristics and physical properties; production of electronic materials and devices: single crystal growth, epitaxy, metallization, ion implantation, lithography and etching; characterization techniques: X-ray diffraction, photoluminescence.
-          Comment: You have Maggie as you prof,she can be my referee for my Master’s application. Print lecture notes, write notes during lecture, ask questions, GO TO OFFICE HOUR
4)      MTRL 458 – Hydrometallurgy II (ASSELIN, EDOUARD)
-          Leaching, purification, precipitation, regeneration; thermodynamics and kinetics of separation steps; electrochemical applications.
-          Yah, you have Edouard as you prof, a super easy prof. Write notes in the class, attend all lectures, ask question, GO TO OFFICE HOURS. He can be my referee for my Master’s application. Make sure I got him for my FINAL YEAR PROJECT.
-          Make sure 90% for all assignments, 80% for midterms

5)      MTRL 471 – Nanofibre Technology (BAHI, ARDESHIR)
-          Introduction to nanomaterials in the form of fibres and composites, including processing, structure, characterization methods, properties, and modeling. Credit will only be given for one of MTRL 471 or MTRL 571.
-          This course is all about reading, The thing is I need to attend all lectures and write the notes, ask question and GO TO OFFICE HOURS

6)      MTRL 494- Composite Materials (ZOBEIRY, NAVID)

-          Understanding the properties and the mechanical behaviour of composite materials with emphasis on analysis, design, and manufacturing. Credit will only be given for one of MTRL 494, 594
-          This course is a hard course because it involves manufacturing, write notes, attend all lectures, ask question and GO TO OFFICE HOURS

7)      MTRL 467 – Engineering Design Project II
-          ASSELIN, EDOUARD (Hydrometallurgy and electrochemistry) EASY
-          COCKCROFT, STEVEN (Manufacturing, casting and heat transfer) HARD
-          FERNLUND, GORAN ( Mechanical Behaviour of Polymers) MODERATE
-          MAIJER, DAAN (Modelling)HARD
-          POURSARTIP, ANOSHIRAVAN ( Manufacturing polymer matrix Composites) EASY
o   Just follow the Chad’s final year project plan.
After lectures, get to Tim Hortons and Review all the lectures for that day for on daily basis
Leave Home by 7.00 am and get to Tim Hortons Forestry building for breakfast
Work out before sleep so you gonna get fit
Sleep every night by 10.30 am and I mean real sleep and leave all the S3 and ipod and just turn ON the alarm
Leave UBC and go home every day by 9.00 pm and better to take bus 25

FRIDAY NIGHT: Go to café or Blenz (downtown) to complete up my entire final year project tasks.
WEEKEND: Stay at UBC and do all the assignments, review the notes, better to study at UBC by Saturday and feel confident to finish all the works by Sunday

January 15 – start studying for midterms
February 9 (Monday) – Family day (utilizes the time for final year project)
February 14-22 –Reading Break: Study the Composite Materials and Nanofiber Technology
February 25- Start studying for the final exam and finalize the final year project

April 3 and 6 – Holiday (STUDYING FOR FINALS)