Friday, 21 September 2012

The First Weeks of the Fall 2012


Currently, I am the Buchanan building and just completing my "Webwork" assignment for Multivariable calculus which is about 31 questions. I am still waiting for the next class which is Material Science and I just realized that I have quiz next week and I need to get prepared to the fullest in order to excel in this subject.

Yeah..material science is kind like the introduction to materials engineering as I have been learning about materials composition, atomic bonding, Hooke's Law, Modulus of elasticity, Tensile Strength. The awesome part is about the tensile testing where I just know that fracture of material occurs when the materials is stretched exceeding the toughness limit. Yeah...

After that, I would have the multi-variable calculus class which is mainly about calculus in 3D and how do you connects the calculus concept to the 3D Vector-Space. It is like you need to have a very good imagination on each kind of geometry for the subject. Learning about paraboloid, ellipses and sphere requires you to look at the certain functions in three dimensions.

Next, the Friday prayer would be held at Totem Park ball room and the glad thing is that I could see many new faces over there as I have just meet a Malay guy transferring from Okanagan campus and he is doing Mechanical Engineering in UBC just like Syrol and Akmal. The interesting part is that he is not from Malaysia, he is from Brunei Darussalam, the country that is popular with their wealthy economic development due to the oil and gas industry over there.

shoutul humaira