Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Malam hari di Irving K Barber Learning Centre

     The night has come and I am still at Irving, studying Math 152 but it seems that I am quite tired and that is part of the reasons why I write this entry in order to get me up. I still have one week before sitting for the final exams in which stirs my guts and I am still struggling for this semester as the subjects seem harder and unfortunately I don't have any strategy for this semester. 

Engineering batch

     I kept thinking just to pass all the subjects and my Eng 112 kept pushing me to the end as I don't know how to make the essay good in the eye of my lecturer as he assumes that I am such a good in English but unfortunately I am just a non- English speaker and I just know how to write and speak in English but not to make an appealing essay that could memerize such a Canadian. I don't know how to deal with it. Dealing with rhetorical analysis makes me to burst into tears as I need to analyse such a scholarly article within a frame of time and of course I need to keep watch with my grammars and stuffs like that.

. diorang je best2..huhu

     I just want to pass the subjects and hopefully my lecturer could consider my final grade. I am engineering student and we are dealing with Maths and Physics but not English. He just advised me for not getting discouraged.However, I don't know how to score in the final exams.

Irving as the background

      I thought that I am the worst Malaysians student among the batch as we know that even I am the best student of my high school but it is meaningless as life in school is very different from the university and university needs someone who could survive the life without any dependency on others.That is university and currently I am in The University of British Columbia which is ranked as 22nd top university in the world and I have to accept the fact that I am studying in one of the best university in Canada and its engineering course really tough and you need to be a hard worker to succeed.

-with tears-


  1. Praise to god that u have the opportunity to study at such famous university.Keep practice speaking and writing.Me too struggling to practice my english communication skill,because I realize that this is very important when I worked as an engineer soon~~me too engineer to be.

  2. Terima kasih ye engineer...communication is the most important as engineers work within groups regardless whether we are still studying or working as engineer...pray for me

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