Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Brock Hall and Me

Salam and Hi!

Brock Hall UBC

Currently at Brock Hall and have just completed my Zuhur prayer and I could feel a bliss comes across my is so fascinating to be closer to God as being in a country where the people neglect their responsibility as the human being,being away from their Creator.Brock Hall becomes part of the places that I love the most although it can accomodate just a few people here but it becomes a place where the muslims could submit themselves to God. Halaqa would be held after isya' every Thursday and it is joyful to be among the muslim brothers who take a lot of care toward da'wah.They have dedicated a lot of time to prevail this religion to the non-muslims in order to carry out their duty as the muslims...I love all of them as the sense of muslim brotherhood has rooted inside their soul and they seem to be the ideal muslims who can manage their time between studies and da'wah..I want to be like them as I quote from my previous murabbi,Umair..."Life in the university:Da'wah and study" is incredible to be like akhi umair who can energize his daily life with da'wah and study..subhanallah...

- shoutul humaira- 1331-

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