Saturday, 29 October 2011

Islam in Canada

Salam and Hi to all readers,

Currently I have dilemma within me due to the tense and hectic university life and I felt like I am far from Allah due to my lack of righteousness and I felt like I want to cry  alone and refrain myself from meeting other people as I know that I am not really good at all..Thats my bad!!I felt like I am far from Allah as I am in a new world, a western world which is far different from my home country.I have realized that I have neglected a lot of things due to my inability to prioritize things  and I need Allah to guide me to His way as I knew this religion will come to a victorious moment soon till the rise of khalifa will come and how about me?I have become a very bad person, a misleading person and I need to get back to the fitrah and  my prone towards the Koran and the Hadiths to get back my self- righteousness. Living in Canada is very different from Malaysia as I knew that I need to deal with non-Muslims even I have a friend who asks me "What is significant to have Muhammad as the name "huhu...They don't even know who is our beloved prophet.My friend S, a Malaysian guy had an English professor who said that our syaria' law is a barbaric law...I am shocked to hear such a scholar,a professor from a prestigious university can say such a verse like that.Even the prime minister of Canada,Stephen Harper has come with a new term.."Islamicism" that could be a threat to the Canada's security.He think that Islam is a kind of a terror religion that encourages its followers to kill other be continued...


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