Monday, 16 December 2013

Third Year 2014

Third Year Materials Engineering Plan of Action

Manufacturing in Materials Engineering(3)
Prof: Cockcroft, Steven (3/5)
Manufacturing processes from a materials perspective; metal casting, heat treating processes, forming processes, machining and joining. Role of manufacturing in microstructure and material properties development and on component performance.
Strategy: Do the assignment yourselves, review notes right after the lecture

Mechanical Behaviour of Materials(3)
Prof: Sinclair, Chadwick W.(3.4/5)
Polycrystalline and single crystal deformation; dislocation theory; strengthening mechanisms; fracture mechanics; fatigue; high temperature deformation mechanisms.
Strategy: Never miss his class and his lecture notes

Phase Transformation(3)
Prof: Militzer, Matthias (Dofasco Chair in Advanced Steel Processing)
Solidification and solid state transformations; nucleation and growth processes; segregation and structure in castings; phase changes in steel; transformation diagrams; diffusion equations.
Strategy: Do assignment yourselves and review the lecture right after class

Structure and Properties Laboratory(1)
Structure and properties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; heat treatment; hardenability; metallography; age hardening.

Fundamentals of engineering ceramics focusing on raw materials, forming, sintering and properties, characterization, and design with ceramics.
Strategy: Make your own notes regarding the ceramics analysis, have a file for a proper lecture notes

Engineering Technical Communication(2)
Prof: Derksen, Ruth(4.1/5)
Written and oral technical communication. Report preparation and oral presentation of technical information.

Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites(4)
Prof: Ko, Frank (Canada Research Chair Professor (Tier I) in Advanced Fibrous Materials)
The structure and properties of polymeric materials, reinforced polymers and polymer matrix composites with emphasis on their engineering properties and applications.

Strategy: Perform analysis on polymers and Composites,Have a proper lecture notes