Sunday, 18 December 2011

How To Excel in University

Salam and Hi

video tarbiyyah 1

video tarbiyyah 2

video tarbiyyah 3

video tarbiyyah 4

-credit : Ahmad Umair Zulkefli-
-shoutul humaira-

Monday, 5 December 2011

Engineers:High Tech and The Ambition

 Salam and Hi,

        Currently at Student Union Building,having my breakfast,I have only three more days to do some revisions before having my finals...I don't know why recently I felt like I want to finish up this finals as early as I can so that I can continue my journey to the second semester.Studying is tedious thing to do as you need to consume a large amount of data into your mind and the smarter you are,the easier it is.Being smart is a kind of gift from God and everyone has their own smartness in their own engineer,the smarter you are,the better you are and the engineer is the one who design the alternative solutions for a certain problems considering a lot of aspects especially the cost,sustainability,safety,efficiency and the quality.Engineering is not the pure science though it is an applied science,the real life science that is to put science  into the many range of applications,it is real and my current undergraduate study is under the Bachelor of Applied Science and specifically to develop the skill of being an innovator which is one of my ambitions,design an innovative  device,process,system,program and etc that could help human being having a certain level of comfort in their life. Maybe one day I want to develop a high- tech company that manufactures high-tech products and propose the idea of Silicon Valley in Malaysia..which is an utopia for the developing country like Malaysia. Being one of the contributor for the country to achieve its Vision 2020 and this should be realized by our generations especially by the engineers-to-be.

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Irving K Barber Learning Centre and Exams

Salam and Hi!

Right now,I am at Irving K Barber Learning Centre,doing some maths and physics homework as this week will be the last week of this term and all submission will be done throughout this week and I have just submit my BTTL chemistry assignment at Chemistry Building and tomorrow, I need to submit my last physics assignment and hopefully I will get full mark for the assignment,that is my target and I need to submit the last programming assignment and it is due this friday and I am still working on it and the assistance from my clique helps me a lot as I don't have any background in programming before coming to UBC and actually programming is a kind of cool stuff if you understand how to operate the program.By the way, I haven't done the six question of Lab 7 and I plan to doing it tonight and I am going to start study for the final exam by this Friday which is one week before final exam and insyaAllah I can do it.My exam will start witH chemistry,physics,engineering case study,differential calculus and programming...Therefore I need to reduce my time of sleep in order for me to focus more on the subjects and spend a lot of time studying. I just want to pass this first semester so that I could plan a new strategy for the next semester....


Monday, 28 November 2011

- Good morning-

Salam and Hi

mechanical engineering building

The last week of the first term occupies me with a lot of works like having homework for Engineering Case Study and I need to design a program that functions as the scrolling display. Apart from that I need to complete all my lab's assignment,physics' tutorial,mastering physics and Calculus webwork. Today is monday and as usual,I wake up at 6.00 am and I am still sleepy due to the lack of sleep for the time being. Fortunately,my senior wakes me up and we have subuh prayer together before I rush to the bus stop to catch the bus. The bus comes at 6.45pm and I take my MP3 player and listening to the Koran recitation by Misyari Al Falasy as he got a beautiful voice and absolutely make me remembering Allah throughout that morning. The bus takes for nearly one hour to reach Vancouver campus and we reach at 7.30 a.m. and it is still early and I walk to Mechanical engineering building takes about 15 minutes and...the story shall continue...

-shoutul humaira- 1831-

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vancouver and Rain

Salam and Hi!

          Out there,the day is still raining and I am still at the Brock Hall,waiting for other ikhwah to perform Zuhur prayer,today is very cold although I have worn my sweater but the strong wind from the Pacific ocean kept chilling the air of this Vancouver area and it has been forecasted that it will continuously raining throughout the week and I ket waiting for the snow to fall down again..haha...I have physics class after this and currently I have been learning about damping oscillation and the resonance and relate the the driving force that converts damping oscillation to be resonance ... it is complicated but interesting and it engages me towards the nature of physics...

         Right now,the winter is approaching and the time period for the day kept shortening as the maghrib time is at 4.30 pm and asar will be at 2.30pm...therefore,after physics class,I need to rush to Brock Hall to perform my prayer although it kept raining and fortunately I have umbrella in which makes me feel more comfortable compared to the rain coat.Then I need to walk again in the rain for 10 minutes to reach Forest Science building where programming lecture takes place.Prof Farshad is my current lecturer for programming class and I have found out that his learning materials are better than the previous materials from my former programming lecturer as the materials covered by him are sufficient to make me understand the concept of digital.After class,I will been having dinner with my two friends at village as there will be halaqa today and I take the turn to give the remainder for the brothers and I choose to present the topic of Luqman Al Hakim and relates him to his famous advice to his son which was narrated in Koran in Sura Luqman.

His famous quote :

The tongue and the heart are the sweetest parts if its owner is pure; and if he is wicked, they too are as wicked !

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Brock Hall and Me

Salam and Hi!

Brock Hall UBC

Currently at Brock Hall and have just completed my Zuhur prayer and I could feel a bliss comes across my is so fascinating to be closer to God as being in a country where the people neglect their responsibility as the human being,being away from their Creator.Brock Hall becomes part of the places that I love the most although it can accomodate just a few people here but it becomes a place where the muslims could submit themselves to God. Halaqa would be held after isya' every Thursday and it is joyful to be among the muslim brothers who take a lot of care toward da'wah.They have dedicated a lot of time to prevail this religion to the non-muslims in order to carry out their duty as the muslims...I love all of them as the sense of muslim brotherhood has rooted inside their soul and they seem to be the ideal muslims who can manage their time between studies and da'wah..I want to be like them as I quote from my previous murabbi,Umair..."Life in the university:Da'wah and study" is incredible to be like akhi umair who can energize his daily life with da'wah and study..subhanallah...

- shoutul humaira- 1331-


psstt...dalam masa 5 minit lagi akan ke kampus Vancouver yang lebih kurang sejam dari rumah...bakal menaiki bas 49 dan mungkin study atas bas???Keluar rumah jam 6.30 pagi...sebab kelas mula pukul 8 ..haha..nie la kehidupan humaira hari-hari...setiap hari pulak tue kelas kol 8...Lepas nie ada kuliah engineering case study di CIRS,sebelum kuliah bleh pekena hot chocolate dulu..baru layan.....material engineering...lepas tue mungkin ke Irving K Barber Learning Centre..apa lagi study la...nak exam lagi dua minggu...lepas tue pergi Brock Hall untuk solat zohor..bleh jumpa ikhwah2 UBC di sana....jam dua dah ada kelas fizik dan programming sampai pukul 5 petang...penat2...mungkin malam nie tak tido feveret subjek..hehe...molecular orbital theory

Monday, 21 November 2011

Part of my life as the Engineer of UBC

     Salam and Hi to all fellow readers,greeting from me casting from Vancouver and it has been so long for me to be here .Right now,I am facing a new season of the year..that is Winter love the snow and it has been so fascinating to see the snow coming down from the sky by my own eyes.Subhanallah...a beautiful work of Allah.Actually,I love to be here as it has been so different from being in Malaysia.I have learnt to independent and be more matured ...I have developed my communication skill due to the situation where I need to speak in English like to order for my lunch and everyday my lunch would be the 6 inch Tuna on HoneyOat bread at Subway stall and even the cashiers have recognized my name and called me wonderful to be here.Everyday,before I place an order on the food,one of the staffs will shout "Tuna's guys are here!!"..referring to me and other two  friends..hahaha...

   I will answer..."As usual,6 inch Tuna on HoneyOat..and Toasted!!"Then...I will ask  lettuces only and three sauces that are Barbeque,Honey Mustard and Mayonnis...then I will pay the food by using my BMO debit card...the good thing is when you have completed the payment ,the cashier will say.."Have a nice day"..and I reply"thank you"....that is part of my life as the Engineer of UBC...right now,I am in Case Study Four in which I learn about material engineering.Previously,we learnt about engineering ethics,chemical engineering,mining engineering where they fascinated me a lot to engineering and gave me a lot of understanding about engineering from different branches.For APSC 160,we learnt about digital and how to programme DAQ module and design a simple counter...For Physics's class professor will put a demo in the class to give us better understanding towards the material and I could see physics from the my real life point of view.


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Islam in Canada

Salam and Hi to all readers,

Currently I have dilemma within me due to the tense and hectic university life and I felt like I am far from Allah due to my lack of righteousness and I felt like I want to cry  alone and refrain myself from meeting other people as I know that I am not really good at all..Thats my bad!!I felt like I am far from Allah as I am in a new world, a western world which is far different from my home country.I have realized that I have neglected a lot of things due to my inability to prioritize things  and I need Allah to guide me to His way as I knew this religion will come to a victorious moment soon till the rise of khalifa will come and how about me?I have become a very bad person, a misleading person and I need to get back to the fitrah and  my prone towards the Koran and the Hadiths to get back my self- righteousness. Living in Canada is very different from Malaysia as I knew that I need to deal with non-Muslims even I have a friend who asks me "What is significant to have Muhammad as the name "huhu...They don't even know who is our beloved prophet.My friend S, a Malaysian guy had an English professor who said that our syaria' law is a barbaric law...I am shocked to hear such a scholar,a professor from a prestigious university can say such a verse like that.Even the prime minister of Canada,Stephen Harper has come with a new term.."Islamicism" that could be a threat to the Canada's security.He think that Islam is a kind of a terror religion that encourages its followers to kill other be continued...


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Star triangle

Salam and Hi!This is my programme regarding to the star triangle :

# include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main ( void )
       int row=0;
       int size = 5;
             int star=0;
       return 0;
 - shoutul humaira-2144-

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nested loop

Hi and salam to all ! I would like to share with you guys about my programme regarding to the nested loop :

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main( void )
    int size;
    int row;
    int star;

    printf( "Enter size of triangle:\n " );
    scanf( "%d", &size );

    row = 1;

    while( row <= size )
        star = 1;

        while( star <= row )
            printf( "*" );

        printf( "\n" );


    system( "PAUSE" );
    return 0;

Do while looping

Salam and Hi, shoutul nak perkenalkan do while looping

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#include <math.h>

int main ( void )


       double celcius;

       double fahrenheit;

       int doAgain;



             printf("Enter a value for celcius: \n");


             fahrenheit = (9.0/5.0)*celcius+32.0;

             printf("Temperature of the fahrenheit is: %lf \n",fahrenheit);

             printf("Convert another?(0=no  otherwise - yes):");

             scanf("%d:",& doAgain);


       while (doAgain);

       system ("PAUSE");

       return 0;


- shoutul humaira-0211-

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pascal Triangle Programme

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <math.h>

#define MINROWS 1
#define MAXROWS 12

int getInputInRange(int,int);
int n_choose_r(int,int);
int factorial(int);
void printRow (int);

int main ( void )
int row = 0;
int numRows;
numRows = getInputInRange(MINROWS,MAXROWS);

return 0;

int getInputInRange(int min,int max)
int userInput;
printf("Please enter the integer value between %d and %d\n",min,max);

printf("Error:The integer value is not in the expected range\n\n");
printf("Please enter the integer value between %d and %d\n",min,max);
return userInput;

void printRow(int rowNums)
int position = 0;
int coefficient;
while ( position <= rowNums)
coefficient = n_choose_r(rowNums,position);
printf("%d 4i",coefficient);

int n_choose_r(int n,int r)
int c;
c = factorial(n)/factorial(r)*factorial(n-r);
return c;

int factorial(int num)
int fact = 1;
while ( num > 1 )
num --;
return fact;


- shoutul-humaira - 1649- 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We are the Engineers of UBC

Salam and Hi

Lamanye shoutul tak blogging..huhu..bukan apa,shoutul sibuk nak sesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran baru yang agak mencabar tahap gaban nie..huhu..biasa la tempat orang kena la kita sesuaikan diri dulu untuk meneruskan kehidupan sebagai seorang pelajar kejuruteraan. Masa pulak menjadi begitu penting sama ada luangkan masa untuk mengulangkaji pelajaran,membuat kerja rumah ataupun berehat,maksudnya tidur la..hehe..Shoutul pulak pelajar jurusan kejuruteraan,mestila sibuk sikit tetambah berada di salah sebuah universiti yang agak2 popular di dunia nie,memang semua susah la,mana ada yang senang...Kejuruteraan? Semuanya pasal mencari jalan untuk menyelesaikan masalah sama ada masalah yang berkaitan kejuruteraan ataupun mmewujudkan sebuah masyarakat yang seimbang dari semua aspek kehidupan dan jurutera mempunyai tanggungjawab untuk merealisasikan impian tersebut. Sekarang shoutul sudah belajar pasal Pergerakan Bendalir dan Termadinamika...huhu..best2..tapi jalan penyelesaiannya meliputi dua muka surat la jawabnya.
Tajuk kinetik,mass - energy balance haruslah dikuasai sebab tu la asas kepada kejuruteraan.Seorang jurutera juga diajar berkenaan teknologi yang sesuai dengan masyarakat meliputi keselamatan, budaya, etika, agama dan amalan masyarakat setempat demi menjaga keharmonian masyarakat yang terdiri dari pelbagai latar belakang yang berbeza.Perniagaan? Kebanyakan jurutera akan terlibat dengan perniagaan seperti sebagai seorang jurutera yang mewakili syarikat -syarikat besar di mana jurutera perlu berinteraksi dengan clients, stakeholders dan para pekerja syarikat yang lain.Matematik? haha... konsep differentiation dan integration daripada kalkulus menjadi tunjang kepada jalan penyelesaian bagi sesuatu masalah. Algebra,Fungsi,Trigonometri dan limit haruslah berada dalam genggaman bagi seseorang jurutera. Komputer pulak dijadikan sebagai alat kepada seorang jurutera untuk memasukkan input yang agak2 komplikated untuk mendapatkan output yang lebih simple dan programming adalah satu asas kepada penyelesaian untuk masalah yang kompleks. Bahasa C adalah bahasa komputer yang perlu shoutul belajar..huhu..tension.

-shoutul humaira-2349-   

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The University of British Columbia

Salam and Hi!

Bertemu kita lagi dalam rancangan Journey To The West tajaan UBC.Jom kita cita sal kampus UBC.Kampus Vancouver terletaknya yang kurang jauhnya iaitu sejam perjalanan bas dari Radisson Street.Tambang bas lebih kuang CAD2.50...tapi tkpa,kita pakai U-Pass je...kena update tiap2 bulan.Setelah tiba di kampus,kitaorg turun di UBC Loop Bay yang terletak lebih kurang 500 meter dari UBC Bookstore,depannya juga ada bangunan Student Union dan Aquatic Centre.Setelah tiba di UBC Bookstore kitaorg pown buat UBC Card dan U-Pass,student ramai betul sampai kena beratur panjang.

Setelah mendapatkan UBC Card,kitaorg pown pergi ikut abg A ke Bank of Montreal untuk bukak akaun bank.Saya dan kawan saya yang bernama F pown masuk ke pejabat pengurus bank tue untuk membuka akaun dan kitaorg pilih plan yang tiada riba...Ajaib sedangkan di Malaysia takde bank yang sifar riba.Setelah membuka akaun bank,kitaorg diberi kad debit yg lebih kurg cam kad ATM la cuma kad debit nie boleh guna untuk beli belah cam kad kredit.Setelah selesai urusannya dengan bank,kitaorg pown pergi naik bas 99 ke Broadway dari Village.Kitaorg ke kedai Fido untuk mendapatkan nombor telefon.hehehe.

Setelah itu,kitaorg pown ronda la kat Broadway sampai la petang.Kemudian kitaorg balik ke UBC singgah di Marine Drive untuk solat dan berbuka puasa dan seterusnya berhari raya.Kitaorg ke rumah mak cik XX di luar kampus,mak cik nie amek Phd di UBC,sesampai je,kitaorg terus solat Maghrib dan berjamu selera,sedap!!!Setelah itu berbual la sesama Melayu kan?haha...Setelah penat berhari raya,si S ikut kitaorg balik rumah di Radisson Street,seronok gak raya di Vancouver nie

-shoutul humaira-0703-

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Lapangan terbang Vancouver

Salam and Hi

     Bertemu kita lagi dalam rancangan Journey To The West tajaan UBC...masa kapten kapal memberi maklumat kepada para penumpang akan ketibaan kapal terbangnya di Vancouver,shoutul humaira berasa teruja kerna pemandangannya sungguh indah jika hendak dibandingkan dengan Malaysia.Pemandangan bandar Vancouver dihiasi gunung-ganang dan bandarnya merupakan sebuah bandar hijau yang amat menyejukkan mata memandang.setelah tibanya di lapangan terbang,shoutul humaira bersama rakan pown keluar dari kapal terbang domestik terus ke pusat pengambilan bagasi.Kemudian kitaorg keluar dari lapangan terbang untuk mencari seorg senior yang jugak asalnya dari pulau yang dipenuhi mutiara di Malaysia.

      Namun shoutul dan rakan dari Puchong gagal menghubungi senior tersebut lalu kitaorg cuba mencari beliau di seluruh pelusuk lapangan terbang,setelah sekian lama menunggu,kitaorg pown jumpa senior dan menunggu tuan rumah untuk mengambil shoutul dan rakan dan tuan rumah tersebut berasal dari Jakarta.Kktaorg pown angkat bagasi ke dalam kereta yang agak2 asing pada pandangan kitaorg.Tuan rumah mengajak kitorg ke rumah Konsulat General dan bertemu dengannya.Namanya Encik H juga berasal dari Kuala Lumpur dan kitaorg dijemput untuk hadir ke rumahnya untuk berhari raya.Shoutul juga jumpa dengan seorg budak UBC,namanya S ,anak seorg duta Malaysia di Sudan.Kemudian kitaorg diperkenalkan dengan 29th Avenue dan Radisson Street.

Setelah tibanya di rumah,kitaorg pown kemas barang sambil berbual dengan tuan rumah...penat owh..

-shoutul humaira-0046-

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sebuah lapangan untuk kapal yang boleh terbang di tempat berlumpur

Salam and Hi 

Dengan ini secara rasminya shoutul humaira mengisytiharkan diri sebagai sebahagian dari Kanada.Bertemu kita kembali dalam rancangan Journey To The West tajaan UBC.Kini shoutul berada di dalam bilik yang agak2 sejuk di Jalan Radisson. Jom cita macam mana shoutul sampai ke kanada. Di KLIA kitaorg bersama keluarga tiba lebih kurang pukul 4 petang.Punyalah teruja sehinggakan hilangnya logo 1Malaysia.Ayah punya la tertekan dek kehilangan logo tersebut lalu dengan kebijaksanaan cik mama,cik mama membeli logo yang baru sebagai tanda kasih sayang yang tidak terhingga.Kemudian  ada la kakak JPA datang minta pelajar tajaan JPA untuk ke tempat menghantar bagasi kargo.shoutul apa lagi, angkut la dan yang bertuahnya shoutul menjadi org pertama di kaunter L16.Lepas tue jalan ngn cik mama dan encik papa di KLIA walaupun ada yang bercadang untuk pulang ke hotel.

Setelah berjalan ke hulu dan kehilir dan kami berehat menunggu waktu berbuka.Tetiba datang seorg kawan yang juga bakal berjuang di bumi daun maple dan timbul la pelbagai perbualan bersama ayah,shoutul dan kawan shoutul.Setelah berbuka di Restoran Ayam Goreng Kentucky,shoutul dan kawan pergi ke surau menunai solat Maghrib dan Isya'.Setelah berehat sehingga jarum jam tangan shoutul menunjukkan waktu berkumpulnya pelajar 2 JPA.Encik A memberi pesanan terakhir sebelum kitaorg terbang.Setelah mendapatkan tiket penerbangan dan pas terbang,kitaorg pown turun la sambil melambaikan tangan kepada cik mama,encik papa dan keluarga.Yang lawaknya shoutul tak menangis pown mcm dalam drama..haha..kitaorg pown terus menuju ke kastam bersama seorang rakan yang berasal dari Gombak dan seorg lagi dari Puchong...

Kitaorg pown tunggu la di Terminal 2 untuk penerbangan ke Frankfurt sambil bersembang dengan seorg kawan yang digelarkan sebagai Dato'.hehe.Setelah pintu pagar dibuka,staff MAS memberi peluang dahulu kepada golongan2 yang mempunyai tempat duduk kelas penerbangan dan bagi yang berkeluarga..selepas tue kitorg serbu la pintu pagar tue.Dalam kapal terbang saya duduk di tempat duduk tengah disebelah Alfie dan seorg kawan dari Bandar Tun Hussein Onn.Kitaorg teruja la sebab ada skrin tv di hadapan dan cuba untuk mengaktifkannya.Setelah kapten kapal memberi arahan untuk memakai tali pinggang keledar untu keselamatan,yang tinggal hanyalah bunyi enjin pesawat Boeing 747..tepat jam 12 malam,kitaorg pown terbang la.

Dalam perjalanan kawan yang berasal dari Gombak mengajak shoutul humaira untuk solat tarawih..huhu..saya apa lgi,terus tanya kakak pramugari tue la dan yang seronoknya kami diberi kebenaran solat di atas kapal terbang,punya la seronok sebab dapat solat tarawih sama2.Setelah terbitnya fajar kawan saya tue ajak saya berpuasa.Jadi secara keseluruhannya saya berpuasa selama 28 jam dek berlakunya perubahan zon waktu.Tibanya di Frankfurt,saya dan rakan-rakan ronda di sekitar lapangan terbang antarabangsa Frankfurt selama 4 jam dengan termasuknya pemeriksaan bagasi.Kemudian kitaorg naik Air Canada ke Toronto di mana perjalanan mengambil masa selama 9 jam.Huhu..

Setelah tibanya di Toronto,kitaorg diminta untuk membuat pemeriksaan kastam dan immigresen untuk dapatkan permit pelajar.Kitaorg ronda lebih kurang dua jam di Toronto sambil membeli makanan untuk berbuka puasa.Tidak lupa juga shoutul dan rakan menunaikan solat secara duduk di lapangan terbang.solat2.Apabila tibanya jam 4 petang kitaorg pown terbang ke Vancouver dan perjalanan mengambil masa 5 jam.Seronok jugak sebab dapat melihat Rocky Mountain...lawa2.Itulah perjalanan shoutul humaira ke KANADA...

-shoutul humaira-0657-Vancouver-

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Jalan Radisson

Salam and Hi!

          Bertemu kita lagi dalam rancangan Joumery To The West terbitan UBC.Aha..jom kita cerita sikit rumh yang bakal ditakluki Shoutul Humaira tak lama lagi.Rumah nie sejam dari UBC kalu nek bas yang slow tahap gaban..haha..mungkin sebab byk stesen bas kowt sebab tue sejam..klu nek kereta pun mungkin mengambil masa 1800 saat..sebab kereta kan cepat...Rumah nie bakal dikuasai oleh tiga orang jejaka yang lagi kool dan bergaya dari Malaysia,dua orang dari pulau yang banyak pokok pinangnya dan seorang lagi dari ceruk kuala yang bayak lumpurnya.Rumah yang kitaorang sewa adalah rumah bawah tanah,jadi ada la sikit pengalaman tidoq bawah tanah..tak la sejuk sangat.

Buat pengetahuan shoutul humaira yang bukannya maha mengetahui,rumah nie dikatakan telah dilengkapi dan dipenuhi dengan peralatan-peratalan penting termasuk lah adanya gelombang WIFI yang telah dimasukkan dalam akaun sewa rumah kitaorg.Jadi,senanglah sikit nak wat kajian ke,tesis ke kan.Yang penting mak cakap kalau nak hidup di bumi daun maple nie,kita kena pandai masak sebab kat sana makanan yang halal susah cari,terpaksa la shoutul humaira nie berlagak sebagai tukang masak yang agak2 osem masakannya.Lagipun tinggal di luar kampus agak osem dek kerna kewujudan saudara yang agak2 senior membantu dalam menyesuaikan diri dengan susana yang sejuk tahap membeku di hari krismas di mana suhunya mencecah 0 darjah selsius.

Mungkin jugak senang untuk melaksankan ibadah solat dan bacaan Al-Quran sebab kitaorg dah kuasai rumah itu,nak buat halaqoh pown senang.Rumah kitaorg pulak lebih kurang 300 saat dari masjid..senang la kalau nak solat jemaah dan hadiri kelas 2 agama..masjid nie jugak dijadikan pusat islam di Jalan Radisson dan Laluan Diraja.Laluan Diraja jugak dipenuhi dengan kedai-kedai manusia yang berketurunan Asia dan ia menyenangkan kami bertiga bagi mendapatkan rempah ratus untuk buat gulai.Rumah kitaorg jugak lebih kurang 1800 saat dari kota raya Vancouver dan lapangan terbang Vancouver yang terletak di persisiran pantai British Columbia yang berhadapan dengan Pulau Vancouver.

Itulah cita sal rumah saye..hehe

-shoutul humaira-1759-

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Muslim brotherhood

The Believers are but a single Brotherhood: So make peace and reconciliation between your two (contending) brothers; and fear Allah, that ye may receive Mercy. [49:10]

Salam and Hi! Welcome back to shoutul humaira's channel Journey To The West by UBC and today let us discuss a little bit about the verse from sura' 49 verse 10 where Allah said that the believers but a single brotherhood which means that the believers are tied together by the muslim brotherhood,the brotherhood which is based on iman and taqwa regardless to any races and skin colours and for sure this religion is for all nations on earth. Islam has stopped all kind of race supremacy and any kind of discriminations to the other people as Allah said in Sura' 49 verse 13

 O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).[49:13]

God Al-Mighty has created each of living thing including humans from a single pair of male and female and He created his creations with full of variety and diversity that results to various nations and tribes so that humans have the opportunity to know each other, understand each culture and tradition. But Allah has stressed that the most honoured among his creations especially humans are the most righteous. So Islam has stopped any kind of discriminations and racism which are practised by the people before Islam. The people before Islam who had the spirit of assabiyyah or tribe supremacy and Allah said that the best are those of righteous, who do what God has told us to do and stay away from something that are forbidden by God.

          Therefore, let us reflect these two verses to our daily life whether we have applied it or not. Hopefully, we can get the message from these verses
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