Friday, 15 November 2013

Medic,Engineering and Materials

Back to the 2006, I had already made my own choice to be a medical doctor. Being a doctor is perceived to provide me with more promising future with higher salary and better social status. However, everything changed in 2007 when I took an engineering class that required me to learn about heat engines and its constituent’s processes. Even I had the chance to watch a demonstration on engine operation and got inspired by the class to learn more and do my own investigation on the heat engine.
One year later, I decided to get into the science stream and took physics class in order to master my understanding on physical world mainly on mechanics and Newton’s laws. My passion kept growing when I participated in the Formula One in School National Competition where we were grouped in a team and manufactured a miniature racing car using Computer Aid Design (CAD) software for designing the prototype and built the miniature car using the Computer Aid Manufacturing (CAM) according to the CAD specification.
I graduated from high school in 2010 and I obtained straight A’s in which guaranteed me to acquire government scholarship for my post-secondary level. A year later, I was offered to study engineering at The University of British Columbia. My first year was a bit tough where there was a shift to a new kind of environment and different kind of curriculum. I was expected to be independent and think critically especially in the case of problem solving. Before completing my first year, I had a chance to join a seminar on materials engineering. This seminar exposed me towards understanding materials and their impacts towards the devices performance. Later, my curiosity grew when I attended a lecture on Boeing 787 where composite is used for the aircraft fuselage. From there, I started making more researches on Boeing 787 and kept reading news and articles about the Boeing and their new kind technology involved in the aircraft operation.
Finally, I made my decision to study in materials engineering as I want to get involved in the manufacturing industry primarily in the aircraft industry or maybe in the automobile industry. Everything becomes more interesting while doing the analysis the material’s production, inspection and maintenance. Therefore, I am looking forward to specialize in manufacturing stream in fourth year.

Want to unleash your true potential and be a critical thinker? Go for engineering!