Thursday, 24 January 2013

Petang hari di Irving K Barber Learning Centre

         Currently, I am at Irving library just completed my statistic assignment and I am still waiting for the maghrib prayer . The time is 4.31 pm and I just realized that I need to get to the village and buy some stuffs that sahli have asked me to buy. 

        At 5 pm I need to get to the Islam Awereness Week event as I am one of the volunteers that support the MSA committee conducting their events in which is intended to clarify any misconceptions about Islam towards the non-Muslims community. Yeah, meeting with the muslim brothers makes me relief and calm even I have a lot tasks to do.

         Being an engineering student requires me to organize all of my daily activities and the key fact is that I need to do reflection everyday and check whether I have done my tasks completely or not. This kind of postmortem makes me think that I should strive more in the future in term of studying and working. Yeah, I am still thinking on how are the other brothers can organize their time even they are final year students, graduate students in which they have more responsibilities and works than I am. But they can give all commitments for every event and other activities in their life as a UBC student. 

        Maybe they have a very strong connection with Allah SWT in which I am struggling to obtain that level. Allah, the Creator of the world can give strength to who ever He wants whether in term of intellectual strength and physical strength. That's why I need to improve my connection with the Creator by leaving all bad stuffs that I have been doing and get closer to Allah SWT. Allah is the One who can help me in my academic life and the One who can ease my understanding on engineering practice.