Monday, 16 December 2013

Third Year 2014

Third Year Materials Engineering Plan of Action

Manufacturing in Materials Engineering(3)
Prof: Cockcroft, Steven (3/5)
Manufacturing processes from a materials perspective; metal casting, heat treating processes, forming processes, machining and joining. Role of manufacturing in microstructure and material properties development and on component performance.
Strategy: Do the assignment yourselves, review notes right after the lecture

Mechanical Behaviour of Materials(3)
Prof: Sinclair, Chadwick W.(3.4/5)
Polycrystalline and single crystal deformation; dislocation theory; strengthening mechanisms; fracture mechanics; fatigue; high temperature deformation mechanisms.
Strategy: Never miss his class and his lecture notes

Phase Transformation(3)
Prof: Militzer, Matthias (Dofasco Chair in Advanced Steel Processing)
Solidification and solid state transformations; nucleation and growth processes; segregation and structure in castings; phase changes in steel; transformation diagrams; diffusion equations.
Strategy: Do assignment yourselves and review the lecture right after class

Structure and Properties Laboratory(1)
Structure and properties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals; heat treatment; hardenability; metallography; age hardening.

Fundamentals of engineering ceramics focusing on raw materials, forming, sintering and properties, characterization, and design with ceramics.
Strategy: Make your own notes regarding the ceramics analysis, have a file for a proper lecture notes

Engineering Technical Communication(2)
Prof: Derksen, Ruth(4.1/5)
Written and oral technical communication. Report preparation and oral presentation of technical information.

Polymers and Polymer Matrix Composites(4)
Prof: Ko, Frank (Canada Research Chair Professor (Tier I) in Advanced Fibrous Materials)
The structure and properties of polymeric materials, reinforced polymers and polymer matrix composites with emphasis on their engineering properties and applications.

Strategy: Perform analysis on polymers and Composites,Have a proper lecture notes

Friday, 15 November 2013

Medic,Engineering and Materials

Back to the 2006, I had already made my own choice to be a medical doctor. Being a doctor is perceived to provide me with more promising future with higher salary and better social status. However, everything changed in 2007 when I took an engineering class that required me to learn about heat engines and its constituent’s processes. Even I had the chance to watch a demonstration on engine operation and got inspired by the class to learn more and do my own investigation on the heat engine.
One year later, I decided to get into the science stream and took physics class in order to master my understanding on physical world mainly on mechanics and Newton’s laws. My passion kept growing when I participated in the Formula One in School National Competition where we were grouped in a team and manufactured a miniature racing car using Computer Aid Design (CAD) software for designing the prototype and built the miniature car using the Computer Aid Manufacturing (CAM) according to the CAD specification.
I graduated from high school in 2010 and I obtained straight A’s in which guaranteed me to acquire government scholarship for my post-secondary level. A year later, I was offered to study engineering at The University of British Columbia. My first year was a bit tough where there was a shift to a new kind of environment and different kind of curriculum. I was expected to be independent and think critically especially in the case of problem solving. Before completing my first year, I had a chance to join a seminar on materials engineering. This seminar exposed me towards understanding materials and their impacts towards the devices performance. Later, my curiosity grew when I attended a lecture on Boeing 787 where composite is used for the aircraft fuselage. From there, I started making more researches on Boeing 787 and kept reading news and articles about the Boeing and their new kind technology involved in the aircraft operation.
Finally, I made my decision to study in materials engineering as I want to get involved in the manufacturing industry primarily in the aircraft industry or maybe in the automobile industry. Everything becomes more interesting while doing the analysis the material’s production, inspection and maintenance. Therefore, I am looking forward to specialize in manufacturing stream in fourth year.

Want to unleash your true potential and be a critical thinker? Go for engineering!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Seroja dan Laskar Pelangi

Mari menyusun seroja
Bunga seroja ah... ah...
Hiasan sanggul remaja
Puteri remaja ah... ah...

Rupa yang elok
Di manja jangan dimanja ah... ah...
Puja lah ia oh saja
Sekadar saja

Mengapa kau bermenung
Oh adik berhati binggung
Mengapa kau bermenung
Oh adik berhati binggung
Janganlah engkau percaya dengan asmara
Janganlah engkau percaya dengan asmara

Sekarang bukan bermenung zaman bermenung
Sekarang bukan bermenung zaman bermenung
Mari bersama oh adik memetik bunga
Mari bersama oh adik memetik bunga

Mari menyusun seroja
Bunga seroja ah... ah...
Hiasan sanggul remaja
Puteri remaja ah... ah...

Fact : The movie, set in the 1970s, opens on the first day of the year at a Muhammadiyah elementary school on Belitung. The school needs 10 students but is one short until near the end of the day, when a straggler fills out the ranks for their teachers, Muslimah and Harfan. Muslimah dubs the children "The Rainbow Troops" (sometimes translated as "The Rainbow Warriors") and the movie traces their development and relationships with the teachers.(Wikipedia)

Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Last Day of Class

Hey guys,
                Currently, I am the musolla, waiting for the Asr and after this we gonna have the MSA event. Today is the final day of the class before the final exam. After the Juma'ah prayer, Gindo and I met Nasir Zulkaply, the fellow mechanical graduate who is currently working as the mechanical engineer around this Vancouver area. After that, I rushed to the UBC and we were having the meeting wuth our TA, Jing Qi and he explained to us a little bit about the final report. Yeah, I needed to complete my part on the shape factor and the hybrid calculation. After having the meeting, I rushed to the Kaiser building to complete my heat transfer assignment which is due today. I managed to complete those assignments right before 4pm just before the office was closed.

                     This semester is quite different from the last semester as the last semester just focused more on the theory part where I needed to master the foundation on the material science, thermodynamics and solid mechanics. However, this semester is a semester where I need to apply those theory in the practical mode where I need to apply those solid mechanics theory in the design project, the thermodynamics concept in the pyrometallurgy labs and calculus calculation in the statistic class. When we talk about the design project, I needed to play my key role towards the shape factor calculation where I needed to find the optimum shape factor that could fit our design criteria.

                 I also needed to research on the composite materials which were the best among all where they satisfied both constraints in our material charts. I got the good news where Daniel teammate had managed to get the progress report 4 which achievement of A- and that has astounded me. Therefore, I needed to quickly complete my parts in the final reports,  maybe tonight while I still have the free time as next week I have to final exams to go through. I have exams on the statistics and materials design next week and yeah I need to perform the best for both papers.

                     This semester was more tedious than before, where I had the design project, 3 labs every week and those assignments that kept me busy throughout semester. Regarding the labs, we had conducted two metallurgy labs where we solidified the iron, steel and copper through aluminothermic reduction process and those labs took about 3 hours to complete everything and yeah Estelle was my teammate. The labs seem interesting where we lighted up the iron mixture and the solidification occured within a few seconds. Yeah, currently I know on how to make up the fireworks by just using the KCl and Aluminum. While every two weeks I had the testing labs where we conducted a test on metals, polymers, composite, ceramics and others.
                     I still remembered on how we conducted the Charpy's test and using the short gun to distinguish between  the brittle fracture and ductile fracture. Some materials exhibited both properties like the polymer where they undergo the ductile-brittle transition phenomena in which each property depends on the surrounding temperature. Tensile testing? It was the best testing I ever had as I needed to set up the materials on the tension mode of failure. Then we collected the data from the computer and analysed its tensile strength, yield strength, failure strength and calculate the Young modulus. A little bit interesting over this stuff. I still remembered when the TA conducted the hot-cold working process where they softened and hardened both samples to obtain its final properties and textures.

                      Lets talk about the pyrometallurgy. The goal of learning this course was iron-making, steel-making and the copper-making. I needed to go through the material balance, heat balance, metallurgical reactions like reduction, roasting, oxidation,oxygen dissolution, decarburization, smelting, refining and the Boundouard reaction. While, we need to get familiar with the roaster, iron blast furnace, basic oxygen furnace, laddle metallurgical furnace, sand casting and even the electroplate platform. While the heat transfer was my favorite subject as I had the awesome TA, Faisal who is from Jordan, a clique who is doing Phd in materials engineering.

That's my second semester of the second year UBC      

Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Class of Materials Engineering

This is my classmate 
Nice to be with them throughout the year

Materials engineering always be in my heart

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Petang hari di Irving K Barber Learning Centre

         Currently, I am at Irving library just completed my statistic assignment and I am still waiting for the maghrib prayer . The time is 4.31 pm and I just realized that I need to get to the village and buy some stuffs that sahli have asked me to buy. 

        At 5 pm I need to get to the Islam Awereness Week event as I am one of the volunteers that support the MSA committee conducting their events in which is intended to clarify any misconceptions about Islam towards the non-Muslims community. Yeah, meeting with the muslim brothers makes me relief and calm even I have a lot tasks to do.

         Being an engineering student requires me to organize all of my daily activities and the key fact is that I need to do reflection everyday and check whether I have done my tasks completely or not. This kind of postmortem makes me think that I should strive more in the future in term of studying and working. Yeah, I am still thinking on how are the other brothers can organize their time even they are final year students, graduate students in which they have more responsibilities and works than I am. But they can give all commitments for every event and other activities in their life as a UBC student. 

        Maybe they have a very strong connection with Allah SWT in which I am struggling to obtain that level. Allah, the Creator of the world can give strength to who ever He wants whether in term of intellectual strength and physical strength. That's why I need to improve my connection with the Creator by leaving all bad stuffs that I have been doing and get closer to Allah SWT. Allah is the One who can help me in my academic life and the One who can ease my understanding on engineering practice.