Sunday, 18 December 2011

How To Excel in University

Salam and Hi

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-credit : Ahmad Umair Zulkefli-
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Monday, 5 December 2011

Engineers:High Tech and The Ambition

 Salam and Hi,

        Currently at Student Union Building,having my breakfast,I have only three more days to do some revisions before having my finals...I don't know why recently I felt like I want to finish up this finals as early as I can so that I can continue my journey to the second semester.Studying is tedious thing to do as you need to consume a large amount of data into your mind and the smarter you are,the easier it is.Being smart is a kind of gift from God and everyone has their own smartness in their own engineer,the smarter you are,the better you are and the engineer is the one who design the alternative solutions for a certain problems considering a lot of aspects especially the cost,sustainability,safety,efficiency and the quality.Engineering is not the pure science though it is an applied science,the real life science that is to put science  into the many range of applications,it is real and my current undergraduate study is under the Bachelor of Applied Science and specifically to develop the skill of being an innovator which is one of my ambitions,design an innovative  device,process,system,program and etc that could help human being having a certain level of comfort in their life. Maybe one day I want to develop a high- tech company that manufactures high-tech products and propose the idea of Silicon Valley in Malaysia..which is an utopia for the developing country like Malaysia. Being one of the contributor for the country to achieve its Vision 2020 and this should be realized by our generations especially by the engineers-to-be.