Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vancouver and Rain

Salam and Hi!

          Out there,the day is still raining and I am still at the Brock Hall,waiting for other ikhwah to perform Zuhur prayer,today is very cold although I have worn my sweater but the strong wind from the Pacific ocean kept chilling the air of this Vancouver area and it has been forecasted that it will continuously raining throughout the week and I ket waiting for the snow to fall down again..haha...I have physics class after this and currently I have been learning about damping oscillation and the resonance and relate the the driving force that converts damping oscillation to be resonance ... it is complicated but interesting and it engages me towards the nature of physics...

         Right now,the winter is approaching and the time period for the day kept shortening as the maghrib time is at 4.30 pm and asar will be at 2.30pm...therefore,after physics class,I need to rush to Brock Hall to perform my prayer although it kept raining and fortunately I have umbrella in which makes me feel more comfortable compared to the rain coat.Then I need to walk again in the rain for 10 minutes to reach Forest Science building where programming lecture takes place.Prof Farshad is my current lecturer for programming class and I have found out that his learning materials are better than the previous materials from my former programming lecturer as the materials covered by him are sufficient to make me understand the concept of digital.After class,I will been having dinner with my two friends at village as there will be halaqa today and I take the turn to give the remainder for the brothers and I choose to present the topic of Luqman Al Hakim and relates him to his famous advice to his son which was narrated in Koran in Sura Luqman.

His famous quote :

The tongue and the heart are the sweetest parts if its owner is pure; and if he is wicked, they too are as wicked !

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