Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Irving K Barber Learning Centre and Exams

Salam and Hi!

Right now,I am at Irving K Barber Learning Centre,doing some maths and physics homework as this week will be the last week of this term and all submission will be done throughout this week and I have just submit my BTTL chemistry assignment at Chemistry Building and tomorrow, I need to submit my last physics assignment and hopefully I will get full mark for the assignment,that is my target and I need to submit the last programming assignment and it is due this friday and I am still working on it and the assistance from my clique helps me a lot as I don't have any background in programming before coming to UBC and actually programming is a kind of cool stuff if you understand how to operate the program.By the way, I haven't done the six question of Lab 7 and I plan to doing it tonight and I am going to start study for the final exam by this Friday which is one week before final exam and insyaAllah I can do it.My exam will start witH chemistry,physics,engineering case study,differential calculus and programming...Therefore I need to reduce my time of sleep in order for me to focus more on the subjects and spend a lot of time studying. I just want to pass this first semester so that I could plan a new strategy for the next semester....


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