Saturday, 8 December 2012

Malam Hari di Downtown Vancouver

           The night seems dark and cold and I am still at A&W located at waterfront,downtown studying materials science. There were three Canadian women right in front of me chatting something about their life. But I am not interested to listen to their chat. Tonight is the Friday night. The awesome night where everybody will get out and enjoy their night with their friends after having through a hectic week of life as a student. Previously, I don't think that I gonna study the materials science as I am tired studying the whole night which is the night before.

           After fajr which is this morning, I quickly rushed to the bus loop taking bus 99 and straight to Granville. I woke Syrol and Sahli up for their fajr prayer and then I laid on the bed and get into sleep. A few hours later, Sahli woke me up for the Jumaah prayer and we quickly get to Vancouver Mosque, Cambie. 

           I met Uncle Hanif, the Malaysian Consulate General and Pak Indra, my last landlord. We have a chance to get the briyani and Sahli told me that he gonna get to NoFrills to buy some stuffs. As a friend, I just get to the store with him and help him carrying the bag. Then, we get to Blenz Coffee, having my favourite Hazelnut Cappucino which costed me CAD 4.00. Arriving at my house after that and I quickly picked up my engineering notes for a few hours before getting tired with that. I planned to get to sleep after that but the other housemates are playing Counterstrike and they were shouting as they were in the real war. It disturbed me till I couldn't get into sleep. Then, with anger, I picked up my notes and rushed to downtown and studying for an hour at Tim  Hortons. Suddenly the staffs told me that the cafe were closing and I walked to the waterfront station and found out that A&W restaurant was opening 24 hours tonight.

               That is why I am still here at A&W because of the anger at my housemates.Previously, they told me that if I want to study, I should keep my music's volume low but right now they are defying their own-made-law by playing computer games with a very loud sound while they knew that I was studying right in front of them. They did't have any sense of respect upon me and of course, I was very angry upon their reaction.

              While last night, I saw a friend of mine, cik Farhana, a chemical engineering student studying at Irving library too. Maybe she has exam today. While, I was reading the text book at Irving in order to increase my understanding on the topics covered in the lecture. Studying is part of my life throughout this semester as I am in materials engineering where I need a really good understanding on the concept of the materials.I succeeded to go through this first semester and survive all the midterms. Yeay, I know that I am at UBC, the top 30th university in the world, The lecturers have a very high expectation on the performance of the students and I know that all of my engineering lecturers are the professionals engineering, had been working in the industry and had done so many researches.

          And now, I can see a few teenagers, boys and girls having their dinner at this restaurant. Actually, I prefer to be alone to achieve this kind of calmness where I can think and plan for my future. I try to ponder my purpose of life, my purpose of creation, my life as a student, my future with my wife-to-be and my career. Too much stuffs to ponder and sometimes I just need to have a chat with my parents to share my thought and vision. Having a vision on life is  meant  for everyone. Sometimes, I try to catch a glimpse of my past moment of life, the life in high school and Taylor's College  Yeay, I am a different Harith since I reached Canada. Being open and accepting the difference within me taught me that everyone is different.That is the fact.For right now, I just need to know on how to deal with the other people of different background and fit my life within their life

Friday, 21 September 2012

The First Weeks of the Fall 2012


Currently, I am the Buchanan building and just completing my "Webwork" assignment for Multivariable calculus which is about 31 questions. I am still waiting for the next class which is Material Science and I just realized that I have quiz next week and I need to get prepared to the fullest in order to excel in this subject.

Yeah..material science is kind like the introduction to materials engineering as I have been learning about materials composition, atomic bonding, Hooke's Law, Modulus of elasticity, Tensile Strength. The awesome part is about the tensile testing where I just know that fracture of material occurs when the materials is stretched exceeding the toughness limit. Yeah...

After that, I would have the multi-variable calculus class which is mainly about calculus in 3D and how do you connects the calculus concept to the 3D Vector-Space. It is like you need to have a very good imagination on each kind of geometry for the subject. Learning about paraboloid, ellipses and sphere requires you to look at the certain functions in three dimensions.

Next, the Friday prayer would be held at Totem Park ball room and the glad thing is that I could see many new faces over there as I have just meet a Malay guy transferring from Okanagan campus and he is doing Mechanical Engineering in UBC just like Syrol and Akmal. The interesting part is that he is not from Malaysia, he is from Brunei Darussalam, the country that is popular with their wealthy economic development due to the oil and gas industry over there.

shoutul humaira

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Vancouver Summer 2012

A Must Visit Location :
Downtown Vancouver
North Vancouver
Stanley Park
Granville Island
False Creek

Shoutul Humaira

Friday, 3 August 2012

Virgin Galactic

The Spaceship Company (TSC) is a new aerospace production company, founded by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Scaled Composites, which is building a fleet of commercial spaceships and launch aircraft with the intention of making widespread space travel a reality. TSC’s initial launch customer is Virgin Galactic, which has contracted to purchase five SpaceShipTwos and two WhiteKnightTwos. To meet Virgin Galactic’s requirements, TSC has contracted Scaled Composites to develop and build prototypes of WK2 and SS2, of which TSC started full-scale production in 2008.

SpaceShipTwo uses all the same basic technology, carbon composite construction and design as SpaceShipOne. However it is around twice as large as that vehicle and will carry six passengers and two pilots. It is 60ft long with a 90" diameter cabin which is similar in size to a Falcon 900 executive jet albeit with no floor dissecting the cabin allowing maximum room for the astronauts to float in zero gravity. Each passenger gets the same seating position with two large windows: WINDOW SIZE one side window and one overhead, so that, if you don't want to float free in space, and you'd rather just remain in your seat, you still get a great chance to see the view. No more squabbling over who has the best seat!

The spaceship can be thought of as an air launched glider with a rocket motor and a couple of extra systems for spaceflight. Just like any conventional flying machine, it requires aerodynamic forces to provide its stability and control which, clearly, it only has whilst in the atmosphere. In space it follows a purely ballistic trajectory, but here it can use small thrusters known as the reaction control system (RCS) which allow the pilots to maneuver the vehicle in space and provide a changing view for the passenger astronauts

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Life of Pi

.“He ripped the flesh off the man’s frame and cracked his bones. The smell of blood filled my nose. Something in me died then that has never come back to life”

“Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu, how good to see you Richard Parker!”

Lord, to think that I'm a strict vegetarian. To think that when I was a child I always shuddered when I snapped open a banana because it sounded to me like the breaking of an animal's neck. I descended to a level of savagery I never imagined possible.”

Our personality can turn from good to bad based on the situation faced. Human beings have the instinct which is called as animal instinct in which this instinct will be unleashed in any certain desperate situation. This instinct is vital for their survival as this instinct tends to shape their personality to be different from their original instinct in order to survive in this situation. Survival is everything for each human as no human loves to die. Surviving in the uncivilized world needs this instinct as it becomes an important thing for us to face any challenge that encounters us. Sometime this instinct is from the dark side of human nature in which it reveals each of human bad behaviour including killing and human tends to act more like a savage rather than civilized person. The dark side of human nature will form to maintain their will to survive. Animal instinct teaches the person to retain each of hardship and provide the person a will to live although there is no other human can help the person in this circumstance. Human beings do possess animal – like instincts as these instincts will be unleashed in order for attaining their survival in the uncivilized world.

“I practised religious rituals that I adapted to the circumstances – solitary Masses without priests or consecrated Communion Hosts, darshans without murtis, and pujas with turtle meat for prasad, acts of devotion to Allah not knowing where Mecca was and getting my Arabic wrong. They brought me comfort, which is certain”

As an aside, the story of sole survivor, Mr Piscine Molitor Patel, Indian citizen, is an astounding story of courage and endurance in the face of extraordinarily difficult and tragic circumstances.

“Then Richard Parker, companion of my torment, awful, fierce thing that kept me alive, moved forward and disappeared forever from my life”

Monday, 25 June 2012

Lepak bersama kuiz di Irving K Barber Learning Centre

 Hi everyone

Today I woke up late.Well you know that subuh was around 3.30 am while I woke up at around 4.30 and performed my Subuh. Then I slept again haha.

A few hours later, Akmal woke me up and I waited Eddy who was still in the bathroom and Akmal told me that he was plannig to have a cycle at Stanley Park. 

Wow..amazing. I just wanted to take a fresh air and enjoy the scenery of  downtown Vancouver or maybe shopping at Burrard Street straight to Waterfront.

While having our lunch at Blenz Coffee, Sahli called me and asked me to order for him for one more iced chocolate. Ish2..Then I went straight to Irving to complete up my econs quizz which is due tomorrow. I got 29/30..okay la.Haha

Shoutul Humaira

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Petang Hari di Irving K Barber Learning Centre

Hi everyone !!

          I have just completed reading chapter eight from the book, Principles of Microeconomics which is about how the government tax that affects the supply and demand curves and its impact that brings towards the larger dead weight loss of tax. It is mainly about how the tax reduces the benefit gained by both consumers and producers. Mainly the benefit gained by the consumer is called as the consumer surplus while for producer is the producer surplus. Consumer surplus means that the amount of the consumer willing to pay minus the amount of consumer paid ( benefit ).

            On the other hand, the producer surplus means the amount of producer get minus the cost of the product (benefit ). Tax ( Goods and Service Tax ) is part of the fiscal policy imposed by the federal government. Other than that, federal government has cooperated with the Bank of Canada via monetary policy by controlling the amount of money supply and the overnight rate for each commercial bank operating around Canada. This monetary policy would alter the change in the money supply-demand model, investment model, aggregate expenditure model and the supply and demand model.

- Shoutul Humaira-

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Malam Hari di YVR Airport

       Currently, I am at vancouver airport following akmal and eddy sending their friends going back to Malaysia.The airport seems gloomy as it is already 11.35 pm and the flight would be at 1 am..tonight I am planning to stay at akmal's house so that tomorrow I could return all of the researched books. Gosh I have only one day left to rest then the econs class gonna starts.

      Vino is here just coming back from Malaysia for the second semester  and it is still raining outside that chills out the airport atmosphere.Akmal still chatting with his friends and eddy seems to be sleepy.Beeli and ruben are here too.There are some shops still welcoming their customers and some passengers having their dinner while waiting for their flights.Vancouver airport consists three parts which are for domestic,international and US.Right now I am alone watching the surrounding of the airport that appears to be like other airports around Canada.

Shoutul Humaira



How's going?
Currently I have completed summer courses, English and Macroecons and I am still waiting for the results.
For the second semester, I have already registered for microecons as my friends told me that it would be easier than macroecons because it just deals with the households and firms and how they are going to stabilize their economy to meet the market demand.

Right after spring session, I went for a trip to Edmonton, visiting my friends and having the Tarbiyyah Village programme. From the programme, I have learnt about the text by Hassan Al- Banna entitled " Wahai Pemuda" that encourages theses young generations to realize their responsibility toward the foundation of great civilization. Then a slot by brother Salman had captured the attention of all participants in which uncovering one long hadith regarding the boy and Ashabul Ukhdud. We have been brought to the jouney of the boy on how he encountered the true religion and his spirit to bring it forward to the King Narsus. Eventually, he was reported killed by the king but his sacrifice had brought to the great impact by the conversion of great numbers of locals to the true religion and the king lastly killed all of them through his big drain that was filled by the crimson fire.

Next, we have been learning about the concept of tarbiyyah zatiyyah by akh Qayyum, the third-year student from the University of Toronto.He has told that we need to secure our relation with Allah in order to maintain as a good individual muslim. Tarbiyyah Zatiyyah is very important for our own benefit because it reflects our own deeds to the core until we realise our own purpose of life...


Shoutul Humaira

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Malam hari di Irving K Barber Learning Centre

     The night has come and I am still at Irving, studying Math 152 but it seems that I am quite tired and that is part of the reasons why I write this entry in order to get me up. I still have one week before sitting for the final exams in which stirs my guts and I am still struggling for this semester as the subjects seem harder and unfortunately I don't have any strategy for this semester. 

Engineering batch

     I kept thinking just to pass all the subjects and my Eng 112 kept pushing me to the end as I don't know how to make the essay good in the eye of my lecturer as he assumes that I am such a good in English but unfortunately I am just a non- English speaker and I just know how to write and speak in English but not to make an appealing essay that could memerize such a Canadian. I don't know how to deal with it. Dealing with rhetorical analysis makes me to burst into tears as I need to analyse such a scholarly article within a frame of time and of course I need to keep watch with my grammars and stuffs like that.

. diorang je best2..huhu

     I just want to pass the subjects and hopefully my lecturer could consider my final grade. I am engineering student and we are dealing with Maths and Physics but not English. He just advised me for not getting discouraged.However, I don't know how to score in the final exams.

Irving as the background

      I thought that I am the worst Malaysians student among the batch as we know that even I am the best student of my high school but it is meaningless as life in school is very different from the university and university needs someone who could survive the life without any dependency on others.That is university and currently I am in The University of British Columbia which is ranked as 22nd top university in the world and I have to accept the fact that I am studying in one of the best university in Canada and its engineering course really tough and you need to be a hard worker to succeed.

-with tears-

Monday, 20 February 2012

Guru - guruku


Hari ini shoutul humaira nak kongsi video guru-guru SMKA Al - Irshad

Tanpa mereka siapa lah saya

Tingkatan 1 - Ustaz Azli
Tingkatan 2 - Teacher Rahayu
Tingkatan 3 - Teacher Lela
Tingkatan 4 - Cikgu Surina
Tingkatan 5 - Ustazah Najihah
Cikgu Fizik - Teacher Rahayu
Cikgu Kimia - Teacher Tengku,Teacher Salahiah
Cikgu Biologi - Teacher Sofiazan
Cikgu Add Maths - Cikgu Ashraf
Cikgu English - Sir Said
Ustaz Bahasa Arab - Ustaz Azli,Ustaz Muslim
Cikgu Pendidikan Syariah - Ustazah Khuzzainah,Ustaz Marzuki
Cikgu Quran Sunnah - Ustazah Najihah, Ustazah Azzah
Cikgu Sejarah - Cikgu Surina,Cikgu Fatimah,Cikgu Noorhayati,Cikgu Johar
Cikgu Bahasa Melayu - Cikgu Surina,Cikgu Fadzillah
Cikgu Pendidikan Islam - Ustaz Ramli,Ustazah Salmah, Ustaz Rosli
Cikgu Kemahiran Hidup - Cikgu Zaki


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