Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Irving K Barber Learning Centre and Exams

Salam and Hi!

Right now,I am at Irving K Barber Learning Centre,doing some maths and physics homework as this week will be the last week of this term and all submission will be done throughout this week and I have just submit my BTTL chemistry assignment at Chemistry Building and tomorrow, I need to submit my last physics assignment and hopefully I will get full mark for the assignment,that is my target and I need to submit the last programming assignment and it is due this friday and I am still working on it and the assistance from my clique helps me a lot as I don't have any background in programming before coming to UBC and actually programming is a kind of cool stuff if you understand how to operate the program.By the way, I haven't done the six question of Lab 7 and I plan to doing it tonight and I am going to start study for the final exam by this Friday which is one week before final exam and insyaAllah I can do it.My exam will start witH chemistry,physics,engineering case study,differential calculus and programming...Therefore I need to reduce my time of sleep in order for me to focus more on the subjects and spend a lot of time studying. I just want to pass this first semester so that I could plan a new strategy for the next semester....


Monday, 28 November 2011

- Good morning-

Salam and Hi

mechanical engineering building

The last week of the first term occupies me with a lot of works like having homework for Engineering Case Study and I need to design a program that functions as the scrolling display. Apart from that I need to complete all my lab's assignment,physics' tutorial,mastering physics and Calculus webwork. Today is monday and as usual,I wake up at 6.00 am and I am still sleepy due to the lack of sleep for the time being. Fortunately,my senior wakes me up and we have subuh prayer together before I rush to the bus stop to catch the bus. The bus comes at 6.45pm and I take my MP3 player and listening to the Koran recitation by Misyari Al Falasy as he got a beautiful voice and absolutely make me remembering Allah throughout that morning. The bus takes for nearly one hour to reach Vancouver campus and we reach at 7.30 a.m. and it is still early and I walk to Mechanical engineering building takes about 15 minutes and...the story shall continue...

-shoutul humaira- 1831-

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Vancouver and Rain

Salam and Hi!

          Out there,the day is still raining and I am still at the Brock Hall,waiting for other ikhwah to perform Zuhur prayer,today is very cold although I have worn my sweater but the strong wind from the Pacific ocean kept chilling the air of this Vancouver area and it has been forecasted that it will continuously raining throughout the week and I ket waiting for the snow to fall down again..haha...I have physics class after this and currently I have been learning about damping oscillation and the resonance and relate the the driving force that converts damping oscillation to be resonance ... it is complicated but interesting and it engages me towards the nature of physics...

         Right now,the winter is approaching and the time period for the day kept shortening as the maghrib time is at 4.30 pm and asar will be at 2.30pm...therefore,after physics class,I need to rush to Brock Hall to perform my prayer although it kept raining and fortunately I have umbrella in which makes me feel more comfortable compared to the rain coat.Then I need to walk again in the rain for 10 minutes to reach Forest Science building where programming lecture takes place.Prof Farshad is my current lecturer for programming class and I have found out that his learning materials are better than the previous materials from my former programming lecturer as the materials covered by him are sufficient to make me understand the concept of digital.After class,I will been having dinner with my two friends at village as there will be halaqa today and I take the turn to give the remainder for the brothers and I choose to present the topic of Luqman Al Hakim and relates him to his famous advice to his son which was narrated in Koran in Sura Luqman.

His famous quote :

The tongue and the heart are the sweetest parts if its owner is pure; and if he is wicked, they too are as wicked !

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Brock Hall and Me

Salam and Hi!

Brock Hall UBC

Currently at Brock Hall and have just completed my Zuhur prayer and I could feel a bliss comes across my is so fascinating to be closer to God as being in a country where the people neglect their responsibility as the human being,being away from their Creator.Brock Hall becomes part of the places that I love the most although it can accomodate just a few people here but it becomes a place where the muslims could submit themselves to God. Halaqa would be held after isya' every Thursday and it is joyful to be among the muslim brothers who take a lot of care toward da'wah.They have dedicated a lot of time to prevail this religion to the non-muslims in order to carry out their duty as the muslims...I love all of them as the sense of muslim brotherhood has rooted inside their soul and they seem to be the ideal muslims who can manage their time between studies and da'wah..I want to be like them as I quote from my previous murabbi,Umair..."Life in the university:Da'wah and study" is incredible to be like akhi umair who can energize his daily life with da'wah and study..subhanallah...

- shoutul humaira- 1331-


psstt...dalam masa 5 minit lagi akan ke kampus Vancouver yang lebih kurang sejam dari rumah...bakal menaiki bas 49 dan mungkin study atas bas???Keluar rumah jam 6.30 pagi...sebab kelas mula pukul 8 ..haha..nie la kehidupan humaira hari-hari...setiap hari pulak tue kelas kol 8...Lepas nie ada kuliah engineering case study di CIRS,sebelum kuliah bleh pekena hot chocolate dulu..baru layan.....material engineering...lepas tue mungkin ke Irving K Barber Learning Centre..apa lagi study la...nak exam lagi dua minggu...lepas tue pergi Brock Hall untuk solat zohor..bleh jumpa ikhwah2 UBC di sana....jam dua dah ada kelas fizik dan programming sampai pukul 5 petang...penat2...mungkin malam nie tak tido feveret subjek..hehe...molecular orbital theory

Monday, 21 November 2011

Part of my life as the Engineer of UBC

     Salam and Hi to all fellow readers,greeting from me casting from Vancouver and it has been so long for me to be here .Right now,I am facing a new season of the year..that is Winter love the snow and it has been so fascinating to see the snow coming down from the sky by my own eyes.Subhanallah...a beautiful work of Allah.Actually,I love to be here as it has been so different from being in Malaysia.I have learnt to independent and be more matured ...I have developed my communication skill due to the situation where I need to speak in English like to order for my lunch and everyday my lunch would be the 6 inch Tuna on HoneyOat bread at Subway stall and even the cashiers have recognized my name and called me wonderful to be here.Everyday,before I place an order on the food,one of the staffs will shout "Tuna's guys are here!!"..referring to me and other two  friends..hahaha...

   I will answer..."As usual,6 inch Tuna on HoneyOat..and Toasted!!"Then...I will ask  lettuces only and three sauces that are Barbeque,Honey Mustard and Mayonnis...then I will pay the food by using my BMO debit card...the good thing is when you have completed the payment ,the cashier will say.."Have a nice day"..and I reply"thank you"....that is part of my life as the Engineer of UBC...right now,I am in Case Study Four in which I learn about material engineering.Previously,we learnt about engineering ethics,chemical engineering,mining engineering where they fascinated me a lot to engineering and gave me a lot of understanding about engineering from different branches.For APSC 160,we learnt about digital and how to programme DAQ module and design a simple counter...For Physics's class professor will put a demo in the class to give us better understanding towards the material and I could see physics from the my real life point of view.