Sunday, 17 June 2012



How's going?
Currently I have completed summer courses, English and Macroecons and I am still waiting for the results.
For the second semester, I have already registered for microecons as my friends told me that it would be easier than macroecons because it just deals with the households and firms and how they are going to stabilize their economy to meet the market demand.

Right after spring session, I went for a trip to Edmonton, visiting my friends and having the Tarbiyyah Village programme. From the programme, I have learnt about the text by Hassan Al- Banna entitled " Wahai Pemuda" that encourages theses young generations to realize their responsibility toward the foundation of great civilization. Then a slot by brother Salman had captured the attention of all participants in which uncovering one long hadith regarding the boy and Ashabul Ukhdud. We have been brought to the jouney of the boy on how he encountered the true religion and his spirit to bring it forward to the King Narsus. Eventually, he was reported killed by the king but his sacrifice had brought to the great impact by the conversion of great numbers of locals to the true religion and the king lastly killed all of them through his big drain that was filled by the crimson fire.

Next, we have been learning about the concept of tarbiyyah zatiyyah by akh Qayyum, the third-year student from the University of Toronto.He has told that we need to secure our relation with Allah in order to maintain as a good individual muslim. Tarbiyyah Zatiyyah is very important for our own benefit because it reflects our own deeds to the core until we realise our own purpose of life...


Shoutul Humaira

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