Saturday, 8 December 2012

Malam Hari di Downtown Vancouver

           The night seems dark and cold and I am still at A&W located at waterfront,downtown studying materials science. There were three Canadian women right in front of me chatting something about their life. But I am not interested to listen to their chat. Tonight is the Friday night. The awesome night where everybody will get out and enjoy their night with their friends after having through a hectic week of life as a student. Previously, I don't think that I gonna study the materials science as I am tired studying the whole night which is the night before.

           After fajr which is this morning, I quickly rushed to the bus loop taking bus 99 and straight to Granville. I woke Syrol and Sahli up for their fajr prayer and then I laid on the bed and get into sleep. A few hours later, Sahli woke me up for the Jumaah prayer and we quickly get to Vancouver Mosque, Cambie. 

           I met Uncle Hanif, the Malaysian Consulate General and Pak Indra, my last landlord. We have a chance to get the briyani and Sahli told me that he gonna get to NoFrills to buy some stuffs. As a friend, I just get to the store with him and help him carrying the bag. Then, we get to Blenz Coffee, having my favourite Hazelnut Cappucino which costed me CAD 4.00. Arriving at my house after that and I quickly picked up my engineering notes for a few hours before getting tired with that. I planned to get to sleep after that but the other housemates are playing Counterstrike and they were shouting as they were in the real war. It disturbed me till I couldn't get into sleep. Then, with anger, I picked up my notes and rushed to downtown and studying for an hour at Tim  Hortons. Suddenly the staffs told me that the cafe were closing and I walked to the waterfront station and found out that A&W restaurant was opening 24 hours tonight.

               That is why I am still here at A&W because of the anger at my housemates.Previously, they told me that if I want to study, I should keep my music's volume low but right now they are defying their own-made-law by playing computer games with a very loud sound while they knew that I was studying right in front of them. They did't have any sense of respect upon me and of course, I was very angry upon their reaction.

              While last night, I saw a friend of mine, cik Farhana, a chemical engineering student studying at Irving library too. Maybe she has exam today. While, I was reading the text book at Irving in order to increase my understanding on the topics covered in the lecture. Studying is part of my life throughout this semester as I am in materials engineering where I need a really good understanding on the concept of the materials.I succeeded to go through this first semester and survive all the midterms. Yeay, I know that I am at UBC, the top 30th university in the world, The lecturers have a very high expectation on the performance of the students and I know that all of my engineering lecturers are the professionals engineering, had been working in the industry and had done so many researches.

          And now, I can see a few teenagers, boys and girls having their dinner at this restaurant. Actually, I prefer to be alone to achieve this kind of calmness where I can think and plan for my future. I try to ponder my purpose of life, my purpose of creation, my life as a student, my future with my wife-to-be and my career. Too much stuffs to ponder and sometimes I just need to have a chat with my parents to share my thought and vision. Having a vision on life is  meant  for everyone. Sometimes, I try to catch a glimpse of my past moment of life, the life in high school and Taylor's College  Yeay, I am a different Harith since I reached Canada. Being open and accepting the difference within me taught me that everyone is different.That is the fact.For right now, I just need to know on how to deal with the other people of different background and fit my life within their life

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