Monday, 25 June 2012

Lepak bersama kuiz di Irving K Barber Learning Centre

 Hi everyone

Today I woke up late.Well you know that subuh was around 3.30 am while I woke up at around 4.30 and performed my Subuh. Then I slept again haha.

A few hours later, Akmal woke me up and I waited Eddy who was still in the bathroom and Akmal told me that he was plannig to have a cycle at Stanley Park. 

Wow..amazing. I just wanted to take a fresh air and enjoy the scenery of  downtown Vancouver or maybe shopping at Burrard Street straight to Waterfront.

While having our lunch at Blenz Coffee, Sahli called me and asked me to order for him for one more iced chocolate. Ish2..Then I went straight to Irving to complete up my econs quizz which is due tomorrow. I got 29/30..okay la.Haha

Shoutul Humaira

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