Sunday, 17 June 2012

Malam Hari di YVR Airport

       Currently, I am at vancouver airport following akmal and eddy sending their friends going back to Malaysia.The airport seems gloomy as it is already 11.35 pm and the flight would be at 1 am..tonight I am planning to stay at akmal's house so that tomorrow I could return all of the researched books. Gosh I have only one day left to rest then the econs class gonna starts.

      Vino is here just coming back from Malaysia for the second semester  and it is still raining outside that chills out the airport atmosphere.Akmal still chatting with his friends and eddy seems to be sleepy.Beeli and ruben are here too.There are some shops still welcoming their customers and some passengers having their dinner while waiting for their flights.Vancouver airport consists three parts which are for domestic,international and US.Right now I am alone watching the surrounding of the airport that appears to be like other airports around Canada.

Shoutul Humaira

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