Saturday, 28 July 2012

Life of Pi

.“He ripped the flesh off the man’s frame and cracked his bones. The smell of blood filled my nose. Something in me died then that has never come back to life”

“Jesus, Mary, Muhammad and Vishnu, how good to see you Richard Parker!”

Lord, to think that I'm a strict vegetarian. To think that when I was a child I always shuddered when I snapped open a banana because it sounded to me like the breaking of an animal's neck. I descended to a level of savagery I never imagined possible.”

Our personality can turn from good to bad based on the situation faced. Human beings have the instinct which is called as animal instinct in which this instinct will be unleashed in any certain desperate situation. This instinct is vital for their survival as this instinct tends to shape their personality to be different from their original instinct in order to survive in this situation. Survival is everything for each human as no human loves to die. Surviving in the uncivilized world needs this instinct as it becomes an important thing for us to face any challenge that encounters us. Sometime this instinct is from the dark side of human nature in which it reveals each of human bad behaviour including killing and human tends to act more like a savage rather than civilized person. The dark side of human nature will form to maintain their will to survive. Animal instinct teaches the person to retain each of hardship and provide the person a will to live although there is no other human can help the person in this circumstance. Human beings do possess animal – like instincts as these instincts will be unleashed in order for attaining their survival in the uncivilized world.

“I practised religious rituals that I adapted to the circumstances – solitary Masses without priests or consecrated Communion Hosts, darshans without murtis, and pujas with turtle meat for prasad, acts of devotion to Allah not knowing where Mecca was and getting my Arabic wrong. They brought me comfort, which is certain”

As an aside, the story of sole survivor, Mr Piscine Molitor Patel, Indian citizen, is an astounding story of courage and endurance in the face of extraordinarily difficult and tragic circumstances.

“Then Richard Parker, companion of my torment, awful, fierce thing that kept me alive, moved forward and disappeared forever from my life”

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