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عن أبي هريرة رضي الله عنه: قَالَ رَسُوْلَ الله صلى الله عليه وسلم: “الناس معادن، خيارهم في الجاهلية خيارهم في الإسلام، إذا فقهوا”.
  صحيح البخاري

"People are like metals, they are elected they are selected during the jahiliyyah in Islam, if they understand "


Ok! Greetings from me shoutul humaira and welcome to our channel of Journey to the West and today lets us talk about Iron the mentioned hadith. The hadith told us that humans are like the iron in which could be shaped and turned to other kind of things and if we shape it according to the Islamic teaching,  humans will turns to be among those who understand and expert in their religion.

For example, we know that Allah chooses the people that He wants and sometimes He chooses those who are lack of their understanding of religion as we know that hidayah and guidance are only come from Him alone even our Holy Prophet could not turn his uncle, Abu Talib to Islam and so do us. The chosen people would be given the opportunity to understand the religion as mentioned in the hadith.

Back to our Islamic history during the time of our Holy Prophet, we have seen the amazing way of how the companions of the prophet had turned to Islam and how they used their own expertise to champion the Islamic religion. Abu Bakr had used his position, power and wealth for Jihad like how he freed Bilal from being a servant to be an independent person. We could see how Umar had applied his old enemy that was his vigorous temper to prevail Islam and be strict and stern to those who opposed Islam and also had ensured this religion to be respected among those who disbelieved. Apart from that, Uthman Bin Affan had spent his wealth for sabillillah and his position who are highly respected among Bani Umayyah to Islam and how Ali Bin Abu Talib used his ability to memorize and be among the author of the Qura’nic Revelations. Same goes to Abdul Rahman Bin Auf, Saad Bin Abi Waqas, Talhah Bin Ubaidillah, Zubair Bin Awwam, Abu Ubaidah Bin Jarrah and the others

Other than that, we could see the other companions who were appointed by our Holy Prophet to be the dai’e like Mus’ab Bin Umair who was sent to Medina to do da’wah to the people of Medina which was consisted of the tribe of Aus and Khazraj and we could see the result of Muslim brotherhood where Islam had connected these two nemesis to be one as Ansar which was tightened by Islamic brotherhood itself. Abu Zar Al- Ghifari was the leader of the tribe of Bani Ghiffar and he was hit badly by the people of Mecca three times when he announced himself as a muslim in front of Ka’abah. When he was finally defended by the other companions of Prophet, he went back to his tribe and managed to convert all members of Ghiffar tribe to Islam and later he had brought a caravan of Bani Ghiffar to Medina after Hegira as he used his authority as a leader to prevail Islam throughout his community. Same goes to Abdullah Bin Mas’ud who used his beautiful voice by reciting Koran in front of the people of Mecca although he was hit and scolded badly by them.

So, shoutul humaira would like to invite everyone who read this post to be like the companion of the prophet who used their own talent and expertise to prevail Islam to the community and of course to the whole world.

-Shoutul humaira-0734-

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