Saturday, 13 August 2011


Salam and Hi!

Greetings to you guys from me, Shoutul Humaira with full of blessing and forgiveness from Al-Mighty God for giving me opportunity to express my ideas and thoughts that can benefit everyone of us in this world and the Hereafter.The topic of today will be "Strength",just a simple topic with a lot of meanings behind it.What does it means by "Strength" from my own perspective?How to gain the inner strength that can provide you the inner peace and calmness even you are in the worst situation of your life.

We can reflect this topic to the historical point of view where we can see how Islamic civilization was built on.How the strength came from God himself that made them to be the greatest empire of the world for nearly eight hundred years.This great empire was built initially from Rasulullah's time when he managed to educate his companions with Tarbiyyah Islamiyyah that built up the individual muslims,those have their own kind of strength given by Al-Mighty God.What was their formula of strength?Individual muslims led to Baitul Muslim where the Muslims parents managed to educate their children with the true tarbiyyah of Islam and Baitul Muslim led to Islamic society in which all of these happened when he was still at Mecca until he succeeded to formed a Muslim nation at Medina due to the orders made by God himself.

Then came the age of Khulafa Rasyidin where Islam was viewed as an Islamic kingdom led by four Khulafa of Rasyidin and after the death of Khalifah Ali,it becomes the Empire of Umayyad and later be an ustaziyatul alam during the time of Abbasid Empire.Islam was prevailed throughout the world and formed many empires like Umayyad empire in Spain,Fatimid Empire in Egypt,Seljuk and Turkish Empire in Turkey,Malacca empire in Southeast Asia,Aceh Empire in Sumatra,Demak Empire in Java and Moghul Empire in India.How could the Islamic region could be so powerful?How did they get all of these strength?

We must go back to the story of Rasulullah when he was ordered by Allah to begin preaching about the Kingdom of God.The answer for everything is in Sura 73 verse 1 and 2

 "O thou folded in garments!. Stand (to prayer) by night, but not all night"[73:1-2]

-shoutul humaira-1629-

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